Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

Anti-Counterfeiting Solution

At Veots, we understand the detrimental impact that counterfeiting has on both brands and innocent customers. Counterfeits pose significant risks and challenges that need to be addressed. Here’s why you have to consider Veots to protect your brand from forgers:

  1. Brand Protection: Counterfeiting poses a significant threat to brands, as it undermines their reputation, customer trust, and market position. Veots solutions help protect brands by enabling them to authenticate their products, track their supply chain, and take necessary actions against counterfeiters. By safeguarding their brand image, companies can maintain customer loyalty and preserve the value of their products.

  2. Consumer Safety: Counterfeit products often fail to meet quality and safety standards, posing potential risks to consumer health and safety. Our solutions provide consumers with the means to verify the authenticity of a product before purchase, ensuring that they are buying genuine and safe products. This helps in preventing consumers from being deceived and exposed to potentially harmful counterfeit goods.

  3. Revenue Protection: Counterfeiting leads to significant revenue loss for legitimate businesses. By implementing anti-counterfeiting solutions, companies can prevent revenue leakage caused by counterfeit sales and protect their market share. It enables them to maintain a fair competitive environment and preserve their rightful earnings.

  4. Intellectual Property Protection: Intellectual property (IP) rights, such as trademarks, patents, and copyrights, are valuable assets for businesses. Veots help safeguard these IP rights by identifying and preventing the infringement of counterfeit products. This protection encourages innovation, investment, and creativity, as companies have confidence that their IP is secure.

  5. Supply Chain Visibility: We also offer traceability and authentication features to provide visibility into the supply chain. This transparency helps brands monitor and control their products’ journey from production to distribution, enabling them to identify any vulnerabilities or points of entry for counterfeit goods. It also assists in detecting and addressing gray market activities and unauthorized distribution channels.

  6. Legal Enforcement: Anti-counterfeiting solutions provide brands with evidence to support legal actions against counterfeiters. By collecting data, tracking product movement, and capturing counterfeit incidents, companies can build strong cases for legal enforcement. This discourages counterfeiters and strengthens the legal framework against counterfeiting.

Different types of Solutions we offer

Veots provides brands with a comprehensive approach to counterfeiting protection


The Info Solution is an advanced product information system that revolutionizes the way consumers access and obtain comprehensive details about a product, by simply scanning a QR code. These QR codes can be generated on the go without any dependency on us. Now say no to QR code stickers, latency and print them directly on products or labels.


A single QR code anti-counterfeiting solution with pre-purchase verification. The same code is used to claim the product post purchase. The post-purchase features enable customers enjoy additional benefits such as loyalty programs, paperless warranty services, notifies users of expiration, and stores purchase history securely in the cloud for easy access This solution allows users with Veots App , to scan the QR code before purchase to determine the product’s authenticity/expiry and lists complete product details. After purchase, the product has to be claimed by the user with the Veots App. Thereby invalidating all other counterfeit products which contain the same QR code. Thus preventing counterfeiting attempts.


Covert solution comes with dual QR code ; it is a measure in which one of the QR code would to be discreet or hidden and is accessible only after purchase, and the other QR code is visible and can be scanned before purchase to verify whether the product is genuine, fake or expired . Furthermore when the product is purchase and both the QR codes are scanned , these QR codes are bounded with each other in runtime and are blocked making it difficult for counterfeiters to identify and replicate. Covert solution offers an additional layer of protection by providing a seamless and secure solution that protects both the customers and the brand. Counterfeiters will find it futile to copy the QR codes, as the system will detect and identify those products as fake.

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We at Veots help you protect your brand equity by providing robust Anti-counterfeiting Solution which is easy to adapt, cost effective and easy to use


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