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What is Overt Solution ?

A single QR code anti-counterfeiting solution with pre-purchase verification. The same code is used to claim the product post purchase. The post-purchase features enable customers enjoy additional benefits such as loyalty programs, paperless warranty services, notifies users of expiration, and stores purchase history securely in the cloud for easy access

This solution allows users with Veots App , to scan the QR code before purchase to determine the product’s authenticity/expiry and lists complete product details. After purchase, the product has to be claimed by the user with the Veots App. Thereby invalidating all other counterfeit products which contain the same QR code. Thus preventing counterfeiting attempts.

Overt Solution

Benefits of Overt Solution


Expiry Alert & Notification

Alerts users during purchase if the product is already expired, Users are notified when the product approaches or surpasses its expiration date, ensuring product quality and safety

Product details

Product Details

Comprehensive details, including the mfg date, price, brand name, product name, mfg address, mfg license number and much more. This information ensures transparency


Purchase History

All purchase history, including bills and receipts, are securely stored in the cloud and accessible to the user anytime, eliminating the need for paper documentation.


Product Journey

expiry alert feature utilizing QR codes enhances consumer safety and awareness by providing real-time information about the freshness and expiration dates of products. It allows customers to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions to avoid consuming or using expired items.

Services you can elect with Overt Solution

It is recommended to consider opting for additional services outlined below to further enhance product reach

Paperless Warranty

Offers a digital warranty service, eliminating the need for physical documents. Users can access warranty details through the app anytime.

Data Analytics

Get actionable insights to enhance operational efficiency, optimize processes, improve product quality, and drive innovation.

Loyalty Program

Increase customer retention, drive repeat purchases, and gather insights about customers' preferences


Cover your new product release, promotions, information on existing product


Empowers manufacturers with improved supply chain visibility, optimized inventory management, enhanced quality control, and better customer service.

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We at Veots help you protect your brand equity by providing robust Anti-counterfeiting Solution which is easy to adapt, cost effective and easy to use


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