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Tracking Service

The tracking service offers end-to-end visibility of product movements and status. By capturing and recording tracking data at various levels, businesses can gain real-time insights into inventory levels, shipment progress, and delivery timelines. This visibility enables better decision-making, proactive issue resolution, and improved supply chain planning. Furthermore; it ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and quality control standards. By accurately recording tracking information, businesses can demonstrate adherence to product handling protocols, traceability guidelines, and safety regulations. In case of product recalls or quality issues, the solution allows for targeted identification and retrieval of affected items, minimizing the impact on consumers and brand reputation.


Benefits of Tracking Service


Quaternary Level Tracking

The quaternary level refers to the intermediate level of packaging, such as boxes or cartons, within the tertiary units. Each quaternary unit is also labeled with a unique identifier, that provides information specific to that unit. This allows for tracking and tracing of individual cartons or boxes within the larger tertiary unit.


Tertiary Level Tracking

The tracking solution enables tracking at the tertiary level, which refers to larger units such as pallets, cases, or containers. Each tertiary unit is assigned a unique identifier, which contains relevant information about the contents of the unit. This allows for easy identification and tracking of multiple products grouped together.


Product Level Tracking

The single QR code used for verification would also track the products at product level. Tracking at the product level enables precise identification and monitoring of each item throughout the supply chain.

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Single App for Tracking & Verification

The tracking solution incorporates a single mobile app or software that serves dual purposes: tracking and verification. Distributors or retailers can use the app to scan and verify the unique identifiers on the cartons or products they receive. This process allows for seamless recording of tracking information while ensuring that the received items are authenticated and match the expected contents.

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